Tools for Transition

Tools for Aging & Transition

This page is a resource for seniors and their families as they navigate the complex journey of aging and transition. It provides information, support, and guidance tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults. This content is not comprehensive but is created to offer a starting point.  Whether you’re a senior seeking guidance or a family member looking for insights, this page is a source of knowledge and assistance for this significant phase of life.

Tri-County Community Action :  Tri-County Community Action Agency is a private non-profit corporation that has been serving the Henry, Oldham, and Trimble counties in Kentucky since 1974. They offer a variety of programs to enhance the quality of life of their participants. Many of the programs are offered at little or no charge to you.  Tri-County provides aging services including Adult Day Care, Meals on Wheels, Senior Life Activities and Senior at Home services.  They also offer commodities and weatherization for the community as a whole.


Louisville Metro Resilence &  Community Services : This office provides a comprehensive list of community organizations servicing the needs of seniors.  It can be found here.


Today’s Transitions: A source for later living and caregiving in Lousiville & Kentuckiana


Care Giving Directory:  A list of Kentuckiana facilities with options to filter based on your need– home caregiving, transportation, etc.


To discuss housing options, including aging in place, independent living communities, reach out for a family consultation.